Rethink your Baggage Repair & Replacement Service

As a cruise line customer satisfaction and retention are the most important factor to long term success.

With our end-to-end luggage repair services you can provide customers with a hassle-free experience from the claims recording to the repair or replacement of the damaged bag.

You prefer managing the claims, assessment and replacement yourself? Our spare part vouchers are an effective solution to manage repairable cases allowing you to focus on more delicate cases.

Suitcase.Repair Spare Part Vouchers

With the limited space on board storing hundreds of luggage spare parts can be a hassle. Our Suitcase.Repair Spare Part Vouchers are an effective tool helping you to resolve baggage claims with great efficiency and to the passenger’s satisfaction.

Our self-service repair solution allows you to reduce your claim resolution time and dramatically lower the handling cost while allowing passengers to order the necessary parts online and have them ready as soon as they get home.

With as your partner you additionally profit by being able to resolve cases for multiple brands through one central platform.

Baggage Replacement Services

Our main target at Suitcase.Repair is to increase the repairability rate helping you to resolve cases faster and reduce your insurance premiums.

In cases where the baggage got damaged beyond repair our data-driven process provides you with accurate historical retail prices to calculate the time value of the damaged luggage.

For the replacement itself you benefit from our close relationship with luggage brands allowing you to replace luggage at wholesale prices. At the same time your passengers benefit from a wide selection of brands to choose from and attractive (non-inflated) pricesin case the time-value of the baggage is not sufficient to purchase a new suitcase.

Accurate Reporting & Centralized Invoicing

When partnering with Suitcase.Repair you profit from being able to resolve repair cases for multiple luggage brands through one central platform. Instead of compensating every passenger for their repair cost you benefit from our centralized invoicing allowing you to focus on more important cases.

Additionally, you have access to our detailed reporting which allows you to gain deeper insights into the types of damages that occur.

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