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In the unfortunate event that your suitcase got damaged on your last flight or cruise your first priority is of course to repair your suitcase. In many cases the repair cost is covered by the airline or cruise line.

In cases where the repair cost is unclear or if the suitcase can no longer be repaired many airlines / cruise lines request a baggage damage assessment to be performed by a luggage repair workshop or professional luggage dealer. The cost of the baggage damage assessment is in most cases being compensated by the airline / cruise line.

At we are specialized in luggage repairs and have encountered all types of luggage damage. To issue a damage assessment report for your damaged suitcase we will require the following information:

  • Your address
  • Images showing both the entire suitcase as well as the damage itself
  • Additional reference numbers the airline / cruise line requires to be printed on the damage assessment report

You can submit the required information by contacting our customer service through the chat button.

Please note: We are only able to issue a damage certificate if the product can no longer be repaired, if the parts for the repair are no longer being made or if the cost of the repair would exceed the cost of a new item. To ensure that we can issue a damage assessment report for your item please only purchase this product after contacting our service team.

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